How It Works

How it Works

The Wash and Fold Process

Order Your Laundry Bag

Contact us to order your laundry bag. There is an initial $5 deposit for a laundry bag, but that will be deducted from your first service!

Fill Your Laundry Bag

Use your laundry bag to collect your dirty clothes (or aka “dusty cotton”). Make sure the bag is able to completely close to assure safe transporting of your items.

Contact For Scheduling

When you are ready, contact us to schedule a pick up. Please see the pickup/drop section for more information on scheduling procedures.

Make Payment

Once you are scheduled, make the payment for your service. We accept PayPal or Venmo, and will send you an invoice through the provider you prefer. Please see our Pricing page for more information.

Place Bag on Porch

Place your laundry bag on your porch before your scheduled service. You will receive a text before your scheduled time as a reminder.

Sit Back - We'll Take it From Here

We will pick up your clothes, wash them with care, fold your laundry, place them (carefully) in your washed laundry bag (yes – we wash that too; click here to see more information on our washing, drying, and folding procedures), and deliver them back to your doorstep according to our pickup/drop-off schedule. You will receive a text before and after your laundry is delivered.

Pickup/Drop-off Information

Pickup & Drop Off Days

Pickup — Drop Off

Sunday — Tuesday

Monday — Wednesday

Tuesday — Thursday

Wednesday — Sunday

Thursday — Sunday

General Information

  • Our normal pickup/drop off times are from 5PM-6PM.
  • Need your clothes in 24 hours? See the expedited service on our Pricing page.
  • Please have your laundry bag completely closed (for the safety of your clothing during transport).
  • You will receive a text reminder before your pickup and drop off.
  • Please remember to pay before your pickup to avoid a delay in your service.
  • We offer weekly, regularly scheduled service for your convenience!

Our Laundry Bags

Our Washing & Folding Process

The Washing and Drying Cycle

  • During the washing cycle, laundry will be divided by dark colors and light colors, and washed on the “normal” setting
  • All Free and Clear is our standard laundry detergent
  • During the drying cycle, laundry will be dried on the “normal” setting
  • Bounce (dryer sheets) is our standard clothes softener
  • Your laundry bag will be washed and dried during your service
  • A numbered organizational system will be used to keep track of laundry ownership

The Folding Process

  • Your laundry will be folded directly from the dryer
  • Your folded laundry will be placed in your clean laundry bag(s)
  • To the best of our ability, we will sort your folded laundry by type and size
  • Your laundry will be in good hands – we will treat your clothes as if they are our own (actually, better!).