Loving Your Animals (But Not Their Clingy Fur) – Three Tips to De-Fur Your Clothing | Blog Post #5

If you are a pet lover, as we are in our family, I’m sure you have experienced the common problem of getting animal fur all over your clothing. It seems a constant battle, juggling the need to remain fur free, but also showing your four-legged family members the love and compassion they deserve (and that you truly want to give them).


So here are a few tips we learned from Maytag.com on how to keep that clingy pet hair off your clothing so you can look your best while also giving your pets tons of love!




A lint roller can be an effective tool to help remove pet hair off your garments! They are easy to find online or at many local stores, but if you don’t have a roller handy, try blotting hair-covered spots with masking tape to remove the fur.




To help get rid of pet hair during a laundry cycle, consider the “dry-wash-dry” method. Instead of starting with your washing machine, tumble dry your fur covered clothing first on a no-heat setting. This helps to loosen pet hair on the dry clothing before washing them and allows the debris to be caught in the dryer’s lint screen. Afterwards, wash and dry your clothing as you normally would. 




During the drying cycle, dryer sheets reduce static electricity which helps prevent pet hair from sticking to your clothing. This allows your dryer’s lint trap to more easily capture loose fur. Also, remember to regularly clean the lint trap to give your dryer its best performance!

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